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A Lunch to the Champion Children's!

Dawn seemed euphoric, while looking for books that could help her prepare a good dish for lunch, but she wasn't so lucky on her quest.
— Well, it shouldn't be so difficult to cook something... I used to see Professor Rowan cooking so easily. — Dawn said, talking with her Piplup. The girl looked at the books trying to find something that would be easily prepared and tasty at the same time. A small red cookbook was placed at the table,  it was apparently  being used by Melyssa awhile ago.
— Piplup, look! What do you think of those"Gratin Potatoes"? Gonna be this one! — the girl said with a smile. 
Dawn went over to the stove and began the challenge of trying to connect the equipment, she pressed the buttons, but nothing happened, which forced her to look for a book that could explain step by step how to use a simple stove. Her little pokémon showed a small box that contained matchsticks as he pointed to the stove, Dawn noticed the attempt of the Pokémon to help her and soon followed his advice. She lit one of the sticks and so one of the stove burners turned to the fire, she smiled brightly. 
— We got past the first round, Piplup! Now, I wonder where I can let the fire stronger? — Asked the girl, extinguishing the stove unwittingly following. — Oops... Let's try one more time... 
She spent just some more time as she had already gained experience in connecting the machine, after, the girl took the little cookbook of recipes and then began the necessary steps to prepare the dish.
— "Grease an ovenproof dish with butter..." What is a ovenproof? Well, it will be this strange pot... "Then cut the potatoes into slices..." "Arrange the slices of potatoes cooked in ovenproof..." "Season the milk with salt, pepper, nutmeg and rosemary..." — Dawn sighed, looking at her Piplup who now faced serious. — Where do I find those things ? — she said, noting a small glass jar on one of the shelves. — Hm, maybe this little pot could be salt...
— P-Pipluuuuuup!!  the pokémon screamed.
— Don't worry, Piplup. I won't put too much salt, I know what I'm doing. — Dawn said, putting about five tablespoons of sugar on the potatoes. 

• • •

          While Dawn was creating her "exotic" dishes for lunch, Luke and Lukas  just passed beside the mysterious   Lake Verity. The brothers stopped their bikes beside the lake and stared the entrance for a moment, it have been a very long time since they went to that place last time.
— Hey, Lukas, take a look at that, bro! Is it the lake that we used to play when we were little? - Luke said, stopping his bike near a tree.
— I guess so! It's been so long since I went through here. Let's take a quick stop, I can't stand pedaling anymore. — the brother tired replied .
The lake was an extremely beautiful place, especially now covered by snow. Its waters could not be frozen, and it was possible to see the bottom on clear days, accompanied by lots of creatures that inhabited it. Goldeens swaying their tails in gentle movements, and one time to other, even a great Seaking gave the guys coming up like a king with all his pomp.
The trees swayed slightly by the breeze of the wind, the pines cutted the sky with their long branches, and the ground was completely covered by several nuts. The place was so mystic and peaceful that it had the power to make ​​people forget their problems. The Wallers Brothers took a quick break to see how the lake was, it was a very long time since they were there the last time. They walked through the alleys that gave entrance to the lake and found it exactly as it was many years ago. 
— Look! This lake used to seen so big when we were little. — Lukas laughed, looking at the water and remembering his childhood.
— C'mon. You even didn't grew that much, man. — Luke joked.
— We are almost the same size, you better no try to look better than me. — the brother countered, initiating a discussion that was interrupted when the two realized the presence of a strange man. He was watching a mysterious cave that was layed in the middle of the lake, he was very tall and had well-defined muscles. He had blue hair and a face marked by time, but with strong features, a feature of someone who had seen a lot in this great world. He wore a smart uniform and looked more like a military soldier.
— Who is this guy? — Luke asked quietly.
— I do not know, I can't remember his face here in town... Looks like he's saying something... — Lukas replied, trying to hear what the stranger said.
The man turned and headed toward the two brothers who were watching him.
— Excuse me... — the man said in his deep voice.
The two boys gave way, allowing him to pass.
— What a strange man... — Lukas said while he was trying to understand why that strange person was there.
— Okay, let it go... What I really want to do is see if my mark on the tree of the Starlys is still there! - Said Luke running into the pines.
— Not before me! — said his brother as he ran forward.

• • •

          — "Scatter pieces of butter over the potatoes..." "Sprinkle grated cheese and place in oven until golden brown..." Yes, we've done all that, I think, but ... Why the potatoes are so black...? Hmm, I thin that gives a better taste... But you better not try. — Dawn said, seeming very satisfied with what she had done.
 Pip... Lup... her little Pokémon  growled in a gesture of disappointment.
— Piplup, I think I'll leave the potatoes at the oven and leave... I have finished lunch so I think there will be no problems if I go away. I'll leave before they come back. I couldn't imagine those people were so weird, I bet their kids should not be anything different... Let's go. — Dawn said, leaving the house and taking her bike.
Dawn and Piplup were crossing the Sandgem path slowly, leaving Twinleaf Town back then. The house of the Wallers Familry was disappearing from view, leaving only the faint gray smoke that vented to the chimney. Suddenly, Dawn reached into her pocket and noticed the lack of something.
 Oh, no, Piplup! My Pokédex is gone! Did I forgot it at the house? — Dawn said worried, turning around and finding a sign that stated:  Lake Verity. — Suddenly I let it fall near the lake when we went looking for that Pokémon for the Professor! He will be very angry if I lost the pokédex. Let's start looking from here, it is closer

• • •

Lukas and Luke ran while looking the sorroundings, everything was exactly as it was, the forest seemed to have been frozen in time as the years passed. Luke looked up and encountered a large pine tree, very old, perhaps older than the town itself. An enormous tree that held memories for many people, especially those two young boys who now faced it. Luke walked towards the pine when he realized he had stepped on something and quickly lifted his foot to see what it was.
— Oh, man! I stepped on something that I could not... — Said Luke as he heard something breaking beneath his feet. — Take a look at this. I thought it was something important... It looks like a... Cellphone. — Luke said, raising the strange object while laughing.
— This is not a cell phone, it was a Pokéedex! And you destryoed the machine! It looked brand new... What if the owner comes for? — Lukas seemed worried. — You should pay more attention where you walk, Luke!
— Leave it! — his brother laughed. — No one will notice.
— You are so fumbling... — Lukas said as he left the object on the ground. — If the owner comes for I'll say it was you...
Luke walked to the pine and began to check it out.
— Yeah! Here, the hole made ​​by the Starlys! Does my "rare gems" are still here? — Luke said very animated, putting his hand into the hole in the trunk, but before the young man could look better a bunch of Starlys went out and began attacking him.
Thousands of birds were dominated by anger, and worst, Starlys go in flocks. They can hardly be noticed when alone, and although small, they flapped their wings with great force and pecked angrily.
— Ouch!! Lukas, what the hell is that?! Help me there!! — Luke said, yelling at his brother.
— Oh, my Arceus! What should I do?! They are angry!! — Lukas cried desperately.
Dawn was coming slowly to the lake when she heard the screams of the brothers.
— Piplup, are you hearing this? Someone is in danger! We need to help! — she said, quickly entering the place.
When she approached the lake shw could see the twin brothers struggling with themselves, rather than help each other and defeat the Starlys. They seemed confused, and clearly didn't know certainly how to act as a team.
— Lukas!! Wathafuck are ya' doing?! Stop hitting my head! — Luke screamed while he was trying to scare the Starlys.
— What do you want me to do?! What am I supposed to do?! — Lukas said trying to calm his brother.
— Piplup! Use Bubble and astonish those Starlys! — Dawn ordered. Following the command, the small penguim launched the bubbles that stunned the Starlys that flew away.
— Hey, are you ok? — Dawn asked very worried, running towards Luke who was lying on the ground. Suddenly, she realized that she had stepped at something.


          — My... This is my Pokédex!! — she cried very loud, thinking that she had destroyed her own device.
Lukas approached to his brother and helped him.
— Luke. Hey, I said that the owner would return and seek for it. Tell her that you broke the machine.
— Are ya' cray, man? She'll be as mad as Tauros! I'll just thank her... — Luke walked toward Dawn, who was lying on the ground with the wreckage of her Pokedex. — Yo, hey, you there. Thanks for helping us scare those crazy birds... That's all.
— Be polite! — Lukas said to his brother very quietly.
— Ah... Hm... Okay. I'm Luke, the best, this is Lukas here. Would you like to have lunch at our house? My dad can help you fix this stuff ...
Dawn looked to them and wiped her eyes. She couldn't go back to the lab with the Pokédex broken and then decided to accept the invitation of the boys.
— Well, that was nothing, I'll try to fix it later... Don't you know that you can't go to the tall grass without Pokemon? It's dangerous. — Dawn said somewhat recovered.
— S-S-Sorry for the problems we have caused! — Lukas stammered.
— Heh, heh... No need to be embarrassed, you did nothing wrong. — the girl laughed.
— He can't talk very well with women. He keeps changing and repeating words. It's funny. S-S-S-See that? Hah, hah, hah... — Luke said.
— Thanks for ending my reputation, Luke. Now I'm so embarrassed that I do not know what else to say... — Lukas said blushing.
— Heh, heh! It has no problems, it's very normal for boys on your age do not know how to deal with girls. I even think it's cute. — Dawn said, leaving Lukas even more shier.
— How old are you? — Luke asked.
— I'm fifteen. But I don't get too much these stuff between boys and girls. I've never been too far from my town, it's very rare to meet people from big cities. Those people always gets in trouble here at the forest. — Explained the girl.
— I b-beg your pardon for the uproar we caused, it won't happen again. My brother just wanted to catch his "artifacts", and then ended up scaring the Starlys. — Lukas apologized. Luke seemed angry.
— Hey, dude! They are more than artifacts, man! They are Pokémon fossils, undiscovered! One day I will become a powerful trainer with several powerful ancient creatures!  Luke replied, picking up small stones from the hole in the tree and putting them in his backpack. — They have a great emotional value for me, y'know? The small boy can't understand that.
— Small boy? But aren't you twins? — Dawn asked, noting the extreme similarity between those two.
— I'm three minutes older than him, and that gives me power. He will always be the small one. — Luke laughed.
—  I think those three minutes gave you a mind a bit delayed. — Lukas muttered.
— What did you say, dude?
— Forget it, forget it...
— Heh, heh... You two are so funny. Thanks for the help. — Laughed the girl.

The three ride their bikes as they made ​​their way back home, they talked quietly, avoiding tall grass not to meet with Bidoofs, Starlys or other creatures, and soon had reached Twinleaf Town. Dawn seemed alarmed to realize that eventually sehe returned near the house of the Wallers family, which forced her to stop walking so she could return to her home in Sandgem.
— What's the matter, Dawn? You seem nervous... — Lukas said.
The girl kept her eyes on the floor. She was still worried about leaving the spoiled lunch at the kitchen of Wallers, and had no idea that she was talking with their sons.
— It's nothing, but can we pass a little more away from this house?
— But this is our home... — Lukas laughed.
Dawn seemed petrified, would be the fate or just a very bad luck? She had met with the children  of the old champion Walter and Melyssa, and now she needed to get out of there, immediately.
— Seriously? Wow, that's weird, I gotta go! Too bad, I remembered an appointment! I'll have to go right now! — Dawn said in a cold sweat.
However, before the girl could get out, the sun was capped. A large Tropius arose, Walter and Melyssa were returning. The creature made ​​a triumphant landing, Walter descended like a true champion alongside his wife. But all this magic was broken when Melyssa saw their children and jumped into their arms.
Lukas, Luke, my dears! How you've grown! They are so cute! Did grandma took care of you? How was the trip? Luke, you're hurt! Lukas, you're beautiful! What happened? Tell me everything! -— Said the mother super excited.
— Let me see them too, Melyssa. — Walter approached with his tired voice. — Oh... I missed you too so much. As you are all grown and healthy now! Are you ready to catch Pokémon, sons?
— No, no, no, no!! — Dawn screamed desperately as she ran from one side to another.
— Dawn! Glad you made ​​a reception! You even went to receive our children before they get home! — Walter said very content.
— Dawn, do you know our parents? I didn't knew that. — Luke commented.
— Err... Well, yes, I have met them, today, morning, ah... Oh Arceus, the Potatoes.
— So let's go! — Invited Melyssa. — Dawn did a fabulous lunch!
— F-Fabulous? 
— YEAH!  Shouted Lukas and Luke together.

• • •

Everyone sat in their places. Dawn's dish was served on the table at a white plate with a contrast exacerbated created by black potatoes, lightly toasted. Everyone looked to the corner of the plate, Dawn seemed so embarrassed and frustrated, but she tried to hide it with a smile.
— Sorry... — Dawn muttered. Her eyes were wet, but the girl was contained to not lher tears fall. Lukas Luke tried to ate the piece, but soon Luke almost spat the potatoes.
— Argh! This's horrib... — Luke screamed, but his brother interrupted him with a shove. — Hey, and why you nudged me, bro?!
— Be polite. She is a lady, don't say those things about her cooking skills — Lukas whispered, as his brother quieted down. — Well... Dawn, this is very good, it looks brown icing.
— Brown icing? — Dawn asked, making no idea that she committed the error exchanging salt for sugar.
— Really, it's very good... — Walter said with a smile, not wanting to hurt the girl.
— Good job, Dawn! — Melyssa congratulated.
Only Luke looked so upset, he did not understand why everybody did that, but for some reason he felt he should do the same.
— It's... Not so bad. Yeah, I guess.

Everyone laughed, as Dawn wiped the tears stamping a beautiful smile in sequence. The rest of the day passed quickly, on all subjects alternated between Pokémon and side conversations. Dawn told about her experiences alongside renowned Professor Rowan, while Lukas and Luke fought to see who had more glories... Melyssa and Walter listened attentive to all the stories of their sons.
The sun was going down, leaving on the sky a deep orange hue. The Starlys already flew back to their nests and Bidoofs ran to their burrows. The day was closing, and also the visit Dawn was ended.
— It was great pleasure to have lunch with you. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Wallers! — Said the girl taking her bicycle.
— Be always welcome, young lady! — Walter spoke, waving politely.
It was a lunch, how can I say... sweet! — Melyssa laughed.
— See you, Dawn! And thanks for everything! — Lukas said as his brother Luke followed.
— And sorry for everything, shawty. It was a great pleasure to be with you.
Dawn then gave the final nod and headed toward her home in Sandgem, but she made ​​a quick stop and shouted:
— Do not forget to pass at the lab to get your own Pokédex! — She warned them, continuing its path. Lukas and Luke smiled, remembering that the next day would be the big day.
— Let's get our first Pokemon too, Luke! — Lukas said content.
The parents were rather dull, but joined hands and looked at each other happy. They knew they had captured the right Pokémon for their children. The family soon entered the house. Lukas and Luke kept telling detail about everything that happened during school. Luke continued complaining about the lunch of Dawn and as he didn't liked the girl that much, while Lukas insisted on saying that the lunch was very good.

Night fell silent. The stars shone as if they know the future of those two small heroes, but the sky was a bit cloudy due to the cold that made ​​the whole day. The moon lit everything intensely, you could even see the shadows of Murkrows, which moved rapidly, and prays or another, a penetrating gaze emerged between darkness.
The crows flew away to shading the light of the great moon. The wind was weak giving heed to the whispers in the night just behind making the branches sway. It was night in Twinleaf TownOnly one more night of strange times that came prowled Sinnoh in recent months...
— The dream of becoming a Pokémon Master. Man, it starts tomorrow... — Luke muttered lying on the top bunk of the bed.
— Top Coordinator... That's what I'll be! - Lukas whispered to himself.
Walter and Melyssa watched cautious as they watched their children fell asleep.
— They've grown up. — Walter commented.
— They're beautiful, just like you. — Melyssa said. Walter laughed, but went back to being serious for a moment.
—  I just wonder if we made ​​the right choice... — The old man commented, as he took a Pokeball from his pocket. Walter looked at the item, puzzled. Melyssa took another Pokeball from  the pocket of her apron. Both looked significantly concerned about the capsulesm that on next day it wouldn't be of them anymore. Doubt took their mind: Would they have made ​​the right choice?

Lukas and Luke, the distinct personalities began to be revealed. With nightfall, the beginning of their journey is very close, just a sunrise away... And after all, Dawn eventually did not disappoint with her lunch. A new sunrise would bring many innovations... New adventures... New paths and directions... A new search for the dream of each.

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  1. The translation for the fanfiction, fellow. Yesterday I received a comment from a foreigner, and he asked the possibility of me to bring the another chapter. You know, it's a very hard quest, but somteimes I think I can try making those translations to help the readers from outside that couldn't understand portuguese so well. Probably I will hardly bring translations, but it helps me sometimes to train english, and a little bit of this is never too much. Everything becomes knowledge and experience! See ya!

  2. Hello Ominous. Finally chapter two, will confess that I started reading fanfiction yesterday, and it caught my attention. I always liked to read the fanfictions here, but I never thought I would either a Brazilian! Well, my name is Alex. Now, I am speaking of the chapter, it was really fun. Then Cyrus finally appeared, and poor Dawn, exchanged salt for sugar, who would do that? Melyssa and Walter are really cool, frankly, are too! Lukas And also, just did not like much of Luke, he found boring. Bye Ominous.
    – Alex

  3. Hello, Alex! Man, and that was inspiring, when I saw your first comment yesterday I thought it was one of those spams, but as I started reading i could see clearly that it was a real foreigner reader! Okay, I admit it's very hard to follow a brazilian fanfiction, and it's even harder to me to know slangs, and all that grammar from the english language. (I hardly kno my own! hahah) But i did assume the request, as I started translating this chapter as soon as I could.

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  4. Muito bom canas... Canas manda um abraço para min dia 8 é meu aniversario

  5. Valeu aí, companheiro. Mas cara, se eu ficar desejando feliz aniversário antes da data pode dar azar! kkkkkkk Mas já adianto meus parabéns caso você não apareça por aqui amanhã man, aniversários devem ser bem aproveitados com a família, amigos e fazendo tudo que gosta. Felicitações para ti! (: Abraços ae parceiro, até a próxima.


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