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Nome: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door OST [Original Soundtrack]
Artistas e Compositores: Yoshito Hirano, Yuka Tsujiyoko, and Koji Kondo.
Lançamento: 2004
Plataforma: Game Cube
Formato: Arquivo compacto no formato .ZIP e canções como .MP3
Número de faixas: 140 faixas
Tamanho: 283 mb


Story of The Thousand Year Door
Peach & The Mysterious Map
Paper Mario Thousand Year Door
Mail for the Mario Brothers
A New Adventure Begins!
All Aboard
Chapter Introduction
Rogueport, Town of Thieves
A New Partner Joins You
A New Thing To Learn
Got a Star Piece
Professor Frankly
Event Battle
Goodnight, Mario!
Rogueport's Underground City
It's Battle Time!
Victory... Except For Your Partner
Level Up
Got an Item
Got a Special Item
Curse of The Black Box
The Thousand Year Door
Got a Badge
The Breeze of Petal Meadows
Up in the Sky! It's a Dragon!
Perfect Solution
Peaceful Petalburg
You Got Mail
The 65th Super Fun Quirk Quiz
Answer That Question!
Shwonk Underground Fortress
Hooktail's Castle Introduction
Hooktail's Castle
The Ceiling is Falling!
The Thievery of Ms. Mowz
What an Enormous Dragon!
Dragon Slaying Battle
Family Reunion
Got a Crystal Star!
Chapter Completed
X-Naut Fortress
Peach is Kidnapped... Again


Peach's E-Mail
Bowser, King of the Koopas
Pit of 100 Trials
Power Up!
Luigi's Great Adventure
A Puni Presence
Boggly Woods
The Shadow Sirens
The Great Boggly Tree
Oh No!
Shadow Sirens Scuffle
Madame Flurrie Enters the Stage
Punies Vs. Jabbies
Uh Oh! It's Lord Crump
Danger! Enemy Encounter
Magnus Von Grapple
Magnus Von Punish!!!
TEC's Waltz
Here Comes King Koopa!
Super Koopa Bros, World 1
Super Koopa Bros, World 1 - Hurry Up!
Super Koopa Bros - Invincible
Super Koopa Bros - Lose
Super Koopa Bros - Stage Cleared
All Aboard The Cheep Blimp
Are You Talking To Me
The Floating Town, Glitzville
The Glitz Pit
Grubba's the Name
Glitz Pit - Intro
Bigger Baddie, Bigger Battle
Glitz Pit - Lose
Glitz Pit - Outro
Hey, Don't Move!
Mystery E-Mail
Mystery of the Glitz Pit
Rawk Hawk Rock
The New Champion!
Grubba's Secret
Macho Grubba!!!
Sadness & Happiness


The Dark and Gloomy Twilight Town
Twilight Trail
Creepy Steeple
It's-a Me! No It's Doopliss
Fight Against Mario... No Doopliss
Super Koopa Bros, World 2
Super Koopa Bros, World 2 - Hurry Up!
Ghostly Encounter
Shipwreck at Keyhaul Key
Pirate's Grotto
Cortez Will Eat Your Soul!
The Cursed Pirate, Cortez
Enemy Surprise!
All Aboard Cortez's Ship
Zess T.'s Cooking
Don Pianta
Pianta Parlor Game
All Aboard The Excess Express
The Excess Express at Day
Pennington's Mystery
The Excess Express at Dusk
The Excess Express at Night
Riverside Station
It's a Swarm of Smorgs!
Poshley Heights, A Luxurious Resort
Poshley Sanctum
Grodus, Master of the X-Nauts
Super Koopa Bros, World 3
Super Koopa Bros, World 3 - Hurry Up!


Freezy Fahr Outpost
Fire the Cannon!
Low-G Walk
Storm the X-Naut Fortress!
Super Mario Bros
Palace of Shadow
Riddle Tower
Deeper into the Shadows
Sir Grodus' Battle
Big Bowser Koopa Krush
Shadow Queen's Awakening
World of Darkness
Shadow Peach
Shadow Queen's True Power
We're Counting on You. Mario!
The Final Battle
Princess Peach is Saved
Farewell, Rogueport
Return to the Mushroom Kingdom
A Last View At Rogueport
Here We Go Again!
Staff Roll
Game Over

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