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Leading to a New Journey

Twinleaf Town. The small city located in the interior of Sinnoh was pretty illuminated with the radiating sun that penetrated the thick clouds, making that the snow left in the last night melted to the few. The hoot of the Starlys echoed far announcing the beginning of a beautiful morning on that simple city, the small birds were hidden in its burrows for the cold that still made, while Budews took shelter in the underbrush still wet by the dew.
It is in this quiet city that our history starts. In a small house to the east lived a couple of famous trainers: Walter and Melyssa. The place was small and comfortable, coated of a noble wood, elegantly constructed. Cinereous smoke was exhaled of the chimney, but nothing that the pure air affected that could be felt in agricultural cities. Everything elaborated very well, a perfect house for that looks to the calmness and the peace of the field. Although to be famous people, both preferred a simple life in this humble one, but so loved city.
Melyssa Wallers was one of the most famous coordinators of Sinnoh, having conquered innumerable times the Grand Festival on her season. The young woman had long smooth and black hair, as well as her eyes, that defined a strong personality, but still thus so delicate as a white flower in the blackout of the night. Already, Walter Wallers was considered the great champion of the official Sinnoh League for having defended its title for about four years consecutives, he was a friend of all the members of the Elite 4; but as the time passed its legacy arrived to the end, giving place for new trainers who had fought and followed its dreams to become Pokémon Masters. Walter now was marked for the age, his hair was with grayish wires, beautiful green eyes, also used beard, he left what it with a charming air. He was calm and patient, completing the agitated personality of its wife. It was a beautiful couple, one completed the other.
Walter and Melyssa also had children, that for signal, they were two, and to complete: twins. Two boys with the same age and very distinct personalities, Lukas and Luke. However, the young boys were not in Twinleaf at the moment. Both had lived the last months on Jubilife with the grandmothers, preparing themselves in the school of trainers. Luke was older per three minutes, and had the dream of if becoming a famous Pokémon trainer and following the champion steps which its father treads; whereas its Lukas brother wanted to be a Top Coordinator like his mother. Both boys had talent, they were from a noble family with a pure blood, and now they would come back to their house after have completed thirteen years. Moreover, they would go to commemorate an importante date, the beginning of their adventures in Sinnoh.
— I am anxious to see them… — Melyssa sighed while cutting some vegetables next to the sink to the kitchen.
The woman was cooking something special to welcome their children, the kitchen was small, modest its cabinets was decorated with bookshelves covered of special books of prescriptions and ingredients. It had a refrigerator, a stove and a table with six chairs. The husband, Walter, was peeling some potatoes helping his wife with the lunch.
— After many months without seeing them, I am with homesicknesses… I want to see who grew more. — the man of beard commented, smiling to speech.
Some strokes in the door had been able to be heard, the woman ran to take care of. It was a beautiful girl of long black hair, dressed with a small cap and a scarf for the cold that made.
— Hello, Ms. Wallers. My name is Dawn Manson. — said the girl with a smile — I am a assistant of Professor Rowan, of the city of Sandgem.
— Oh, hello, my dear! — the woman said, surprised by seeing somebody come from Sandgem — Please, enter!
The girl entered politely taking off her shoes, the bicycle remained inclined in front of the garden of the house. She sat down at the cozy sofa, folloied of Melyssa.
— Well, to which I owe the visit of one of Rowan’s assistent? — Melyssa asked.
Dawn made a disappointment face for a few seconds, the woman seemed confused.
— Beloved, who was there? — the husband asked, going at the room.
— Mr. Walter. — the girl said standing — I am Dawn Manson, one of the assistants of Rowan Professor.
Walter smiled and complimented her, then all were in the room, but there was a strange climate. Dawn hesitated in saying something, what it left Walter and Melyssa overwhelming.
— Do you want to say something, dear? — Melyssa asked, with intention to finish that.
— Some message from Dr. Rowan?
— Well... — the girl hesitated again.
Dawn was nervous, it had a notice and it was not of the best ones.
— Its about the Pokémons of your sons… — the girl said looking at the ground with a worried expression, trying to prevent the looks of the couple.
— Something happened…?
— To tell you the truth, yes… Somtehing happened... — Dawn answered, hesitating before saying each word.
— Dawn… What’s the problem? — Walter asked.
— You know… We are in the height of the season of beginning. Lately, many trainers are leaving home to start adventures…
— Clearly. We all have great dreams side by side with our Pokémons. Our children will start their adventures this year as well. — Melyssa assented.
— The problem is...
The doubt encircled the room. Walter and Melyssa knew that the girl would not have a very good notice. In its looks the anxiety, the nervousness was eviden. They seemed confused.
— I’m very sorry… But Professor Rowan does not have initial Pokémons any more to offer.
After the relief of the bad notice from Dawn, Melyssa its mouth in disgust signal. One of the most famous couples of Sinnoh had been disappointed, and the girl was the guilty on at the moment.
— NO! — Melyssa said.
— I’m sorry!
The woman walked one side to another with the hands in the head, observed by her calmly husband.
— What are we going to do? — interrogated Melyssa disappointed.
— Don’t lose your mind, my dear, we can do something. — Walter said, trying to keep its calm.
— Well... Now that the message is given… I can return to Sandgem! — Dawn was trying to left the house without being noticed. Melyssa screamed:
— Wait there, young woman!
The girl stopped astonished before the door and turned over, the eyes of the Ms. Melyssa was in flames.
— My love, keep calm. This little girl came to announce the notice, we cannot blame her. And so, I have an idea. — Walter said — You, young woman, you will stay here and take care of the lunch.
Walter hurried and caught some pokéballs with vibrant marks inside of a drawer in the bookshelf, he was hasty, he grasped the hand of the wife and ran out their house, whereas Dawn continued confused at the side of the door.
— I can't cook! I don't know how to cook!! — Dawn screamed without receiving attention.
— We will travel through Sinnoh. Don’t worry, we will not delay! - Walter draw his Ultra Ball and hurled it — Come on, Tropius!
When it opened, a white ray was brandished in air and revealed a fabulous Tropius. Its wings remembered leaves of banana trees that balanced byt the touch of the wind, it was an enormous dinoussaur, covered of an armor of plants. Under of its head, mature bananas exhaled a candy aroma in air, those that grow only two times to the year, rare and extremely flavorful.
— Wahhh! —Dawn was scared when saw a rare and so great creature at the Sinnoh region.
— Travel? — the wife asked.
— Yes, but lighter and  fast. We will leave in search of good Pokémon for our kids. I know fantastic places and I intend to capture something that pleases them. — the husband explained.
— What about me? — Dawn asked.
The couple went up the Tropius without giving attention on the small girl who seemed frightened. The Pokémon raised flight opening its great wing and with enormous gusts of wind, he flew.
— Don’t you ever think about leaving from here without completing the special lunch! — Melyssa said waving and laughing.
— What?? I said I can’t cook!! — Dawn said in indignation.
— Receive our young boys and give them a reception of kings! If you make something wrong, you will regret forever! — Melyssa joked — I know you will make a good work, Dawn!
— Aaaaaaaw… Thats would be impossible...
— Good bye, young woman! We will return in a few hours! — Walter said.
Soon, the couple disappeared folloied of the huge Tropius, leaving Dawn alone in the house of people that she never had seen in her life. It had been a great mistake leave a stranger to take account of their house, but for the innocent mind of Dawn it would have to make of everything to please the couple, a time that they were very famous and the girl would not like to disappoint her idols in her first meeting.
— What am I going to do now? — Dawn complained as she entered in the house.
The girl was carrying a purse, suddenly, a flash emanated, placing a cute Piplup outside. He was Dawn’s partner.
 Plup?  — the penguin looked at all, a little scared.
— Piplup? How did you left? — Dawn asked.
— Pluuup!
— Forget it.
The girl played with the her little friend in the sofa and faced the ceiling for a time. Dawn didn’t wanted to try the fury of an angry Melyssa, but this didn’t change the fact that she still couldn’t cook. Piplup tried to comfort his trainer.
— And now? What am I going to do? — Dawn asked, for proper itself. At the moment she only needed to leran how to cook in a few hours.

• • •

Meanwhile, the Wallers Brothers were with their bicycles, anxious by the road that heads to Twinleaf.  The wind entered through the trees of Route 202, the anxiety of reviewing the parents after so long heated the freezing wind that encircled Sinnoh in the last months.
— Anxious, Lukas? — Luke asked, accelerating the steps.
— Not so much… — the brother answered calmly.
— Man, i’m very excited! I want to choose my Turtwig soon as possible and show the world that I am the best! Well, and see our parents, of course. Heh… — Luke said, breathless.
The boys went fast in its bicycles to arrive at their cottage. They would see their parents, rest, and later set on an enormous adventure through the region of Sinnoh.
Luke and Lukas were running the route to Twinleaf, Dawn was struggling to read a Cook Book to learn how to make a good plate, and Walter and Melyssa were flying through Sinnoh in search of good Pokémons for their sons.

It seems that a new adventure takes a beginning. Lukas and Luke… How will these boys start their hourney without initial Pokémons? Revelations will take its course gradually, but the question of us all is well quite simple… Which Pokémons shall Walter and Melyssa capture for their sons? What about Dawn? Will she be able to learn how to make the lunch and do not disappoint the furious mother, Melyssa? All the answers and much more in the next chapters!

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  1. It's a great idea translate the chapters for english!
    Eu falei certo? Man, eu sou horrível em inglês, e essa é uma forma de além das pessoas que não falam português conhecerem sua fantástica história, e de nós treinarmos esse idioma de forma mais divertida. Sério man, de agora em diante meu english vai melhorar, agora que estarei acompanhando sua fic em inglês. Ainda não li o capítulo inteiro, mas logo vou lê-lo, até porque eu não comentei na maioria dos capítulos da Saga Pérola, então quem sabe eu não comento tudo de agora em diante? Anyway, me aguarde kk Flw man o/

  2. NICE!!! Translate the chapters from english, I remember of you initial idea of this, this idea started with Lúcio, you recived a e-mail of original creates of Lúcio and they like your fic, *mas* don't speak portuguese... Now you translate the charpters for English.
    By Dezinovés, Sorry for erros I Speak English *mais ou menos*

    1. Nossa eu mesmo achei um fracasso depois de ler... pelo menos as palavras estavam certas....
      De Dezinovés... Triste com o próprio comment in English

    2. HUAEUHAE Que nada rapaz, muito louco o pessoal falando em inglês! Eu mesmo não sou bom, tive sérias dificuldades para traduzir esse, mas acho que cheguei à alguma coisa escrevendo o capítulo sem ajuda de mais ninguém. A primeira vez que fiz isso foi naquela vez do Lúcio mesmo, quando vi seu comentário em inglês eu até pensei: MANOLO, algum gringo leu minha fanfiction *-* Bom, não era nenhum estrangeiro, mas era o bom e velho Dezinovés! Bem vindo ao clube dos "Speak in English Mais ou Menos", essa sim foi épica! ;D kkkkkkk Abração ae cara!

  3. Hi canas onimous!
    i'm an new seeker of you now
    i like this chapter and i want more!

    1. Man, it's a great pleasure to have an english reader for my fanfiction. I'm sorry for some mistakes you can find on the grammar area, but I hope I can improve my writing on this foreign language and bring many new chapters for you all! Thanks for the comments man, I hope I see you soon.

  4. canas essa fic em ingles tera algo especial ou sera a mesma historia que a em portugues

    1. Cara, é em INGLÊS man, consegue entender o drama? Não precisa mudar mais nada no enredo, é simplesmente a língua mais falada do mundo. Se eu pudesse o certo seria até parar de escrever em português pra continuar só em inglês. Não vou mudar, é uma tradução, um tradutor não pode chegar e mudar a mensagem de um livro porque ele achou legal, o objetivo dele é investir para apenas mudar a linguagem, não se pode mudar o roteiro. Para os velhos de Sinnoh, é interessante pelo fato de ser em inglês, para os mais novos pode ser uma forma de abrir espaço para muitos leitores de fora!

  5. Hey Canas , what a great chapter!It's me Crema :D I'd like to see more chapters in english!

  6. Cara, que legal você ter colocado um capitulo em inglês! Até ajuda nós leitores a treinar um pouquinho mais desta língua estrangeira, e principalmente, para você em abranger um idioma universal, abrindo as fronteiras e utilizar-se do que a internet tem de melhor, que é a dinâmica das informações!
    “Dude congratulations for the idea of reaching new horizons! As always, you are very surprising and innovative! I wish you much success! I really do not speak English kkkkkkkk”
    Flw mano

  7. Hi, I'm the anonymous from chapter two. I had just accidentally gets on your blog, and realized that it was a fanfiction blog. But, as I only know a few things in Portuguese, I was clicking on the images of the menu, and I found the chapters in English. The episode was pretty nice, I liked the Dawn, poor thing, not knowing how to cook should be something really bad. And by the way, it seems that the initial and Luke Lukas Wallers will be a Pachirisu and a Gible right? Until someday.

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